SWITCH IeV series Overview

The SWITCH IeV series marks a revolutionary leap in the eLCV segment, poised to transform the landscape of mid and last-mile transportation. These remarkable vehicles serve as a testament to SWITCH’s global expertise and unwavering commitment to electrifying the logistics sector.

Built on a high-voltage, modular, and adaptable architecture, the Switch IeV series sets new standards for performance and comfort. It comes equipped with the proprietary connected technology solution ‘SWITCH ION,’ which enables remote real-time diagnostics and monitoring services. Additionally, its spacious cargo area accommodates containers of up to 340 cubic feet, rendering it a versatile and efficient choice for a wide array of transportation needs.

The IeV series vehicles have been meticulously designed to prioritize driver comfort. Featuring a dual-tone interior and clutch less operation, they ensure a fatigue-free experience behind the wheel. The sliding and reclining seat, coupled with a spacious and quiet cabin, takes care of all-day comfort for the driver. The spacious D+2 seating arrangement, foldable parking brake, and wider opening door enhance the co-driver’s comfort as well.

With an industry-leading turnaround time, the Switch IeV is here to revolutionize the logistics landscape of the future. It represents a significant step forward in the world of last-mile logistics, promising a more efficient and sustainable future for urban mobility

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